Contractor Insurance

The Coverage You Need

We understand the needs of modern contractors. We can get you the coverage you need. Call us today.

Quick Facts on Artisan Contractor Insurance:

If you are already insured with one of our Business Owners' policies, this will cover your property and liability. However, if you do not own a building you may save money with Service Provider or Artisan Contractor Insurance.

In an age of lawsuits, you need protection from more than just bodily injury that happens at the workplace. You also need protection from impossible to satisfy customers. We can protect your reputation and your pocketbook.

Our service is not limited to the construction field. We can get you the right coverage regardless of your business. If you install heating and air conditioning units, floor coverings, specialize in repairs or masonry we can create a custom policy for you. If you do it, we can cover it.

We also offer coverage to service providers. Your time is valuable. We can help protect it.